How a best class teacher behavior with their class students

Teacher plays a great role in student’s life. The behavior of the teacher in their class greatly affect the students achievement .Before a teacher begins to take lesson they need to check whether entire student are focused on your class. Keep a positive presence by moving and get in around your class. Don’t be try to stand at a single place and keep an eye contact with each and evry student. A best teacher helps student by providing various guidelines about importance of education and how it helpful for them in their future. So it motivates every student .Thus they arouse their interest to learn more. Always maintain a friendly relation with every student but keep a limit. Be strict in taking classes and valuation exam papers. Also if the student failed to submit their academic [projects on time you can reduce their marks. There is no compromise is allowed in the academic life of a student but you need to maintain friendly relation. By keeping such relation it helps student to interact more with you and there is no worry for them to clear their doubts in case if they have. A teacher can have small talks with students after their class.

Make your class active. By conducting group discussions helps each and every student to be active in class .Request that the student to think about classes with awful talks or other practices that have been diverting and not helpful for their own particular learning. By asking question to students you can praise and give confidence to the students who are trying their best but still they are not able to answer. So by motivating them it will provide them confidence and thus they will try to answer for every question you had asked. Student those who lack confidence need more encouragement from their instructors.

By evaluating the exam scores as well as their class performance a professor can able to understand week student and good students. So the professors will try to provide more encouragement towards the student who is weaker in the class. They will help them to defeat their weakness and suggest some way which will help them to remember quickly. If students follow the same to an extent they can reduce the weakness. As teacher is maintaining a good relation you can feel free to clear your doubts. They will help them to solve your doubts which will help you to have a good study. A teacher needs to make great utilization of the main day of class. Utilize the main day to make the correct atmosphere for profitable connection. Feature the arrangements on the syllabus and model the practices you'd get a kick out of the chance to see. Interact with each and every student so that it will arouse their interest to attend your class as well as to concentrate on the classes. If teacher feels that student are feeling boring and is a difficult topic them it will helpful if they use a video presentation so that student will understand easily.

While conducting tours from colleges, teacher are also allocating with them. In such case always provide complete freedom. Let them to leave in their own world. You can also join with them, if needed. Some of the instructors are having lunch with their student this all create a good relation with teacher and student. At olden time for each and every student teacher is dreadful person. They are such personality who always sticks in their hand. In those days there is not a friendly relation among teacher and student. Students were sitting in their class with fear. As a result the entire student will learn the thing about what their instructor have taught because of fearing of the punishment. But with present system giving punishment at college are totally banned.

Student will easy to remember that they visualize. While teaching make your class interactive as it helpful to capture the attention of entire students. Teacher can use power point presentation .Teacher should behave equally with every student. In most of the cases teacher showing more care towards who study well. A good teacher always helps a weak student by understand in their problem. If they had any doubt they are ready to explain. As in a class for some of the student can understand easily what the teachers have been taught but for some of the student they are not able to understand what they had been taught. So student can feel free to ask if they have any doubts. They will also provide various frameworks that will help student top develop the creative skills.