Positives and negatives of friendship

Friendship is a strong bond or relationship between two persons. We all know friendship is a symbol of care, affection, mutual trust, and emotions, etc. in this world we give more importance for friendship relationships. All are making friendship with same wavelength persons, and we can’t see anyone this without friendships. Friendship has no age limit and other extra things not needed. The mutual understand and trust is the base of relationship. We have all childhood, teenage, and all age level friends. People are starting their friendship at childhood and academic level; also we are creating friendship when entering a new place like job place and academic institutions. True friendship will give support for our struggling period and give relief from the problems. All are choosing their friends with basis their characters. We can’t analyze and understand a person’s character in a single day. It must need a few days. The regular talk, and same work or study place will create a chance to make friendship. We made friends at childhood age after met same playground and same institutions. Choosing a friend, sometimes it is a coincidence and other situations we choosing after knowing his/her character. Friendship is sometimes giving negative impact on our life. We can see many cases in our surroundings, because negatives of friendship. Most of the people are doing their dirty crimes and activities with their friends. Generally you may straight forward and don’t like do dirty activities, but basis of friendship you are agreeing to do that and give all support your friendship. Many men are lost their life and career because of this weakness. So you should know the negatives and positives of friendship when start to choose your buddy and also it will help to realize the relationships’ values.

Negatives of friendship

Many factors are depending on negatives of friendships. Our life style, character, and attitude are strongly close to friendships. Some persons are always focusing their own growth in studies and their jobs. Those kinds of persons will misuse the friendship and utilizing your abilities are resources for their developments. Teenagers are mostly misusing the value of friendship. They are deviated into wrong path because bad friends and friendship. Friendship is pointing sharing, and we are all sharing our personal matters and secretes without friends, even we didn’t said about our secrets to our parents. Some kind’s friends are misusing these secrets and blackmailing their friends to do their wishes. Also some moments friends will make disturbance when we doing an activity seriously. Also sometimes friendship crossed the line related to our families and other important relationships. Through bad friendship relationship we will lose your abilities are knowledge based on our work and studies. Also they told our negative straightly. Also we will start bad habits like smoking, alcohol drinking, and drugs usage when we keeping bad friendship. Not build your relationship basis of money, because when it comes it will increase the expectation. Bad friends are always expecting your money and they are utilizing your power for their own purposes. You are not secure at bad friend because if they want anything from you, they will do anything to get that and sometimes it may cause to lose your life. The bad friends are never help to improve your abilities and knowledge, they have a competitive mind and they decrease your confidence. These points are explaining the negatives of bad friends and friends. That’s why all are saying same thing you should care when selecting friend. Below points is a picture to select good friends and it explain the positives of friendship.

Positives of friendship

You can experience a world trough a good friendships. A best friend can help to build best career and life for you. Friends are like a showdown, because they always with us at any stage of life. True friends are never let you alone at anywhere, and you are secure in their circles. You will get chance to observe and learn through your friendship. We are learning sharing and helping mentality through our friendship. Friendship is meaning of sharing. We can share any matter with our best friends, also our friend will find solutions for our problems. The true friends are never expecting anything from their friends. They always try to develop their friends’ career and also encouraging them to catch their aims. True friends are never tried to hide anything from their friends. They will tell the negatives and positives, so this way we can improve our skills and character and also we can realize our weakness. Every human are expect a listener for sharing their worries and problems.

Friends are best listeners and they listening our words without any uninteresting. You will be always happy with good friends, because they always with you. Encouragement and motivations are very important to overcome our problems. If we entering wrong path in our life, friends are giving right advice and guidelines to follow right path. Also friends are very helpful to reduce our working problems and if any mistakes on works friends help to solve that. These are positives of friendship. After understanding the negatives and positives selecting a friend will easy and also you never a part of bad friendship relationship. Most the teenagers and academic students are sometimes missed true friendships based on lack of knowledge. So build better career with your friends and also give your contributions to upgrade the society. If you have very bad friendship relationships, cut the relation without hurting anyone. Society needs best and active youth generations, through good friendship you can make active youth group. Youth can avoid and prevent bad and criminal activities from the society.