Student’s responsibility in protecting the nature

Students are the strength of our future; they are the dream of next generation. All the responsibilities of mounted in today’s students. It is the responsibilities of students to protect our nature and surrounding for today and tomorrow. We know that our world is filled with lots of natural resources such as tree, river, mountains, sea etc. All these are the gift of our god. It is the duty of human being to protect our surrounding and nature. It is impossible to live in this world without the presence of natural resources. So protecting and conserving all these resources are only the duty of our human being.

We know that today’s students are the tomorrow’s strength. So protecting and saving the nature is the responsibilities of each student. Today in most of the school, they are providing good training or awareness classes for students to make awareness in them about the importance of our nature. It is known fact that it is destroying natural resources because of human activities. By knowingly or unknowingly we all are destroying the natural resources that are surrounded us. It will badly effect to the remaining life of human being. Today also we are facing lots of problems due to the changes in our surroundings.

Today, in most of the school, they are providing training for protecting our nature. So that they are providing lots of motivating programs also. Plant a tree is one of the best and common programs that we can see in almost all academic institutes. We know that, trees are the important factor that helps us to live in this world. But now a day, people are cutting down the trees for their personal needs. It will make lots of changes in our global balance and people also experience the after effect of this also. So it is the duty of our human being to plant trees for the fresh and clear air. These kinds of training at the early age help to build a good essence in students.

Pollution is another important problem that affects badly our nature. We know that, there are different kinds of pollutions are there in our surroundings such as air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution, etc. All these pollutions are human made pollution so that we can only reduce all these pollutions. Now a day’s people drop their waste in to river or sea. This is the main reason for the water pollution. We can teach the consequences of this bad method to students in their early school life period. We can teach them to protect the water resources from such kinds of human activities. Good awareness class helps students to understand the importance of protection of natural resources. Air pollution is another kind of pollution that also affects badly the lives in this world. With the drastic increase of vehicles increase the air pollution. The gases that emitted from the vehicles make lots of disease. It make cause major help problem. Control such kind of emission help to reduce the air pollutions up to a limit.

Today we can see that lots of awareness class conducting for students to make awareness about the problem that us faces during this period. Plastic is one of the major reasons for all kinds of pollution. So most of the awareness teach students that how to avoid or reuse the plastic without effecting to the stability of our environment. All these programs are mainly focusing on students because they are the responsible person of tomorrow. It is important to consider these issues seriously for the better lifestyle. Students are more responsible and suitable person to care and protect more about our nature. Environment club, natural club etc are the best organizations that are best and active organization that helps to motivate students to involve in such kinds of good activities. It is easy to make awareness in students easily in school period of time.